How can 5G Benefit the Whole Community?

How can 5G Benefit the Whole Community?

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 04, 2022

On the onset of new technology’s inherent likelihood to exempt segments of the population, experts suggest that the government should work to ensure small-cell network rollouts benefit the whole of communities. 

Fremont, CA: 5G wireless internet is deemed to remake the online world in the coming years, its undoubted speed allowing advances in everything from public safety to virtual reality in this process there a section of the population who will be left out of the advantages. The way a small-cell network allows blazing-fast Internet in the country, stakeholders in the government technology and innovation space say 5G will intensify digital inequities. It is essential to recognize that the digital divide that is then split between individuals benefiting from new tech and those struggling in its rise consists of many smaller gaps.

There are three prime problems at the heart of the digital divide: lacking technological devices, lacking Internet connection, and lacking the skills to use new technology in a meaningful way. The lack of connection is an ongoing problem in many communities, especially those that are underserved in cities and rural areas both, where it is not economically profitable for telecom companies to construct infrastructure or offer broadband at affordable rates. 

In the next-gen connection now realistic, telecom companies require access to the city’s infrastructure to rooftops, alleyways, until polls to fix the physical small-cell boxes which make the service work. After going through discussion, a partnership between the local government and private sector internet providers emerged, agreeing to one that would rent the latter the real estate needed in exchange for money the city could channel back into digital equity efforts. The critical element to focus on is that the involved parties need to collaborate and work together as they want the same thing. 

It is difficult to take some of the decision making powers from local government. Still, the people are working hard to approach the advent of 5G with a similar commitment to digital equality, and it brings to its other work. 

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