Homeland Security leverages Technology to Fight Forgery in Immigration

Homeland Security leverages Technology to Fight Forgery in Immigration

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The agency awarded a phase one contract with an Austrian firm by offering a new levels of interoperability across the Homeland Security Department.

FREMONT, CA: The department of Homeland Security awarded an Austrian technology firm with over $143,000. This is to create compatibility for the agency's various data formats and blockchain technology-related endeavors, and to ultimately carry out an innovative distributer ledger solution to combat forgery and counterfeiting in immigration and citizenship documents.

The money was awarded by DHS Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) to Danube Tech GmbH. Focusing on developing blockchain security technology. As per the press release, U.S Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration and U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, all have the responsibilities for the information that can be secured by using blockchain.

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These agencies are accountable for processes like identity verification, immigration status, employment eligibility, and supply chain security. Through blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), the agencies can issue credentials digitally, which will lead to "enhance security, ensure interoperability, and prevent forgery and counterfeiting," the press release mentioned.

It is also mentioned in the release that current processes within the DHS are paper-based. These are not compatible with the other systems and can be lost or ruined in the process. Danube Tech will integrate interoperability support for various credential data formats, blockchains, and standardized and open application programming interfaces into their decentralized identifier.

The firms that participate can receive up to $800,000 across four phases to produce or adapt commercial technology solutions and solve homeland security challenges. The ultimate aim of the contract will be to establish a streamlined, interoperable system that Homeland Security and all its agencies can access to supply licenses, credentials, or other critical verifications.

The award was given under the Silicon Valley Innovation Program. It is a DHS program based in California to help DHS adopt new technology faster.

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