Cubic Launches Ventra Mobile App for Chicago Transit Authority,...

Cubic Launches Ventra Mobile App for Chicago Transit Authority, Pace and Metra

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: For making public transportation more convenient and mobilizing the services associated with it, Cubic Transportation System (CTS) in collaboration with Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), suburban bus operator Pace and commuter rail Metra introduces Ventra mobile app for riders that makes ticketing more easy and reliable. The riders travelling on CTA “L” trains or buses, Pace or Metra Commuter trains can now plan and manage their journeys with this user friendly app.

Ventra is an electronic fare payment system for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Pace and Metra which replaced the Chicago Card and the Transit Card automated fare collection systems. The app offers integrated regional transit services that combines visually validated mobile ticketing with Ventra account-based open payment system, while enabling riders with an efficient and secure payments for their journey.

Riders can now buy any tickets and store them on their smart phones, which can be activated while boarding the train or a bus and displayed to the conductor for checking and validating the tickets. In addition riders can create and manage a Ventra transit account in the app for buying tickets quickly and recover them if the mobile is lost, damaged or replaced. The riders can also download Ventra Card in their smart phones where they can access their Ventra account to do the payment for their rides.

With the app, riders can receive account balance notifications and reminders regarding their passes expiration dues. The transit tracker feature enables riders to view schedules and real time arrival information for Metra, CTA and Pace.

“This is an exciting breakthrough for Chicago transit customers, who can conveniently access three transit systems in the Chicago area through a single mobile app. This means customers can travel, set transit value, passes and auto loads, get real-time account status push notifications, and get real-time bus and train arrival information, all with one place,” said Mike Gwinn, director of revenue and fare systems for CTA. “Future releases will include door-to-door trip planning, additional account management tools and other enhancements to make riding around the region seamless and enjoyable.”

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