Apptio Introduces New Capabilities for Cross Browser Testing

Apptio Introduces New Capabilities for Cross Browser Testing

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sunny Gupta, CEO

Apptio’s enterprise applications help CIOs manage, plan, and optimize their technology costs. As an IT financial management solution, Apptio transform the way IT runs its business and makes decisions.


"Apptio is known for its unique ability to provide visibility, optimization, benchmarking and planning capabilities for corporate technology spending across multicloud and on-premises environments," said Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio. Apptio has been featured among the "Top 10 Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution Providers in the UK - 2019" by the Govt CIO Outlook Magazine.

Apptio employs ML to translate technology costs of the entire IT portfolio (including vendors, on-premises systems, projects, and cloud systems) into a business-centric view. With the help of Apptio's applications, IT leaders can set their future targets, measure business results, and drive investment decisions.

Development of enterprise applications is a complex and layered system, where a minor error can lead to incorrect forecasts and millions of dollars in misallocated resources for the clients. To reduce the odds of such an outcome, Apptio runs the user interface and end-to-end test suites on an in-house server, outfitted with Linux and Firefox. As user trends shifted over time, Apptio began its digital innovation initiative by adding the now-dominant Chrome to its test servers.

Due to server storage limitations, updating browser editions became a bottleneck in Apptio's unremitting testing workflow. To keep pace with the customers and to scale automation testing on continuous integration (CI), the Apptio team plugged BrowserStack into Apptio's TeamCity implementation through Local.

"Stability was key. As we tried different solutions, that's one thing we were watching out for. We also had occasional problems with our network, which meant testing would have to wait until it was back up. To make up for the lost time, we needed uptime and good availability," says Paule Grow, Tester-turned-Software Design Engineer for Tooling at Apptio. "We chose BrowserStack because it was so stable, it just sold itself," he added.

The software design team went further by reconfiguring the integrated development environments (IDEs), which enables developers to run unit and smaller functional tests across browsers. Instead of sending the request to localhost for testing, a developer can test directly on BrowserStack by flipping a configuration. If the developers anticipate some problems with any internet browser, they can perform the functional tests without switching context, which makes bugs cheaper to fix, takes less time, and is safer all around.

With CI and quality assurance (QA) fully integrated with BrowserStack, Apptio is able to significantly reduce build times. Since the internal data center is not choking the test execution anymore, acquirement of end-results has become faster. 

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