LUX2016 to Launch a Real-Time Social Sentiment Analytics Application

LUX2016 to Launch a Real-Time Social Sentiment Analytics Application

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CHELMSFORD, MA: Datawatch Corporation, a provider of Managed Analytics Platform partners with ICG Solutions, a software company to launch a real-time social sentiment analytics application called LUX2016 to monitor and evaluate trends on issues and political campaigns during the 2016 US federal and state elections.

The application will use social media and continuous news monitoring to track, compare and analyze issues and views in real-time. It combines ICG’s LUX streaming analytics platform and Datawatch’s visual discovery for in-motion data.

The platform allows political organizations, associations, campaigns as well as people interested in politics to know how the presidential candidates are faring. It will keep a tab on major issues such as immigration,foreign policy, jobs, abortion and gun-control. It will observe incoming tweets and news feeds that mention or hint at the above issues.

The application derives and calculates the sensitivity of issues by applying proprietary algorithms to visually reveal what each person feels about each candidate’s view. The analyzation happens constantly as new data arrives, thereby tracking each presidential candidate’s perception on various issues.

"With LUX2016, users can pick out important details from debates in real-time, predict candidate controversies, pinpoint candidate strengths and weaknesses, predict polling data, and even predict how people will vote, all without needing to know how to code or crunch mounds of data," says David Waldrop, President & CEO, ICG Solutions.

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