Appian Cloud to Govern Federal Agencies System for Cloud Products...

Appian Cloud to Govern Federal Agencies System for Cloud Products Security Assessment

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

RESTON, VA: Appian delivers enterprise applications to organizations which enable any firm to govern their data, processes and collaborations on a single platform. They provide Business Process Management software to optimize and manage life cycle of business process. Recently Appian announced that their cloud based solution has been authorized by Federal Transit Authority as FedRAMP compliant.

FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) is a process led by the U.S. Federal Agencies to determine the security level of cloud computing products and services. The Appian BPM suite deployed in the cloud delivers low startup costs, fast deployment with no manual maintenance, predictable costs during the life of the application and fast return-on-investment. Appian Cloud can be easily integrated with cloud and on-premise systems, which allows companies to make objective oriented and improved services. Appian cloud advantages Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure.

BPM process solutions are designed to perform drag and drop functionality, native process repository, instant interface design creation and complex event processing. They also offer instant deployment of newly built solutions on a flexible platform according to user specific need, mobile user experience and unified data from various processes in single location. Real time management, visibility and skill-based routing tools are among the offerings Appian BPM solutions provide.

FedRAMP validation and compliance has accounted Appian as most viable solution with improved security risk management and enhanced transparency for mission-critical federal operations. Matt Goodrich,Director, FedRAMP General Services Administration says that this authorization can be re used by FedRAMP portal and other Non-FedRAMP federal agencies assessments and automation of data monitoring to save time and work consumption.

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