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FICO: Driving Fact-based Decisions for Better Results
Teradata: Assisting Government Agencies to Adopt an Analytical Culture
Forecast5 Analytics: Leading the Public Sector with Analytics
FEDMINE.US: Enabling Real-time Understanding of Federal Spending Data
iDashboards: Better Decision Making Through Intuitive Dashboards
SynGlyphX: 3D Data Visualization for Better Decision Making
Pentaho: Unified Data Integration and Analytics
Zettaset: Advanced Big Data Encryption, Plus Protection Against Data Tampering
FlowWorks: Efficient Ways to Manage Data
OpenText [NASDAQ: OTEX]: Rendering Seamless Analytical Insights
OpenText Analytics: Enhancing Real time Business Decisions
Alta Via Consulting: Generating New Cost Management Insights
DatabaseUSA: Harnessing Big Data For Government Agencies
Cloudera: Gaining Unlimited Insights
Sequentum: Simplifying Data Extraction
WizSoft: Delivering Advanced Data Mining Capabilities
Forecast5 Analytics: Decision Support Tools for the Public Sector
Amida Technology Solutions: The Data Management Specialist