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Scalable IT Project Delivery Success Model

Stephen W. Warren, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs

BPM Brings in Transformational Change

Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

Leverage the Wealth of Federal Data

Steve Vanroekel, CIO, Office of Management and Budget

CSRA [NYSE:CSRA]: Technology-driven Security Approach

CSRA [NYSE:CSRA]: Technology-driven...

Lawrence B. Prior III, President & CEO,CSRA

The Ambit Group: Strategic Operations, Communications, and IT Consulting across DHS

The Ambit Group: Strategic Operations,...

Kim Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO,The Ambit Group

Socrata: Democratizing Data For Better Governance

Socrata: Democratizing Data For Better...

Kevin Merritt, Founder & CEO,Socrata

The Ambit Group: Connecting Citizens with Federal Governments

The Ambit Group: Connecting Citizens...

Kim Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder,The Ambit Group

Creating value while leading change

Hardik Bhatt, CIO, State of Illinois

DatabaseUSA: Harnessing Big Data For Government Agencies

Monica Messer, Co-Founder and VP-Business Development, Government & Non-Profit Sector,DatabaseUSA

Run IT in Government as a Business (GaaB)

Run IT in Government as a Business (GaaB)

Brent Messer, M.Sc. CIO, City of Chattanooga

The Transformation of Public Sector IT

The Transformation of Public Sector IT

Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

Why the Modern CIO Must Foster Agility in IT and Business Processes, and How it's Being Done at VA OI&T

Why the Modern CIO Must Foster Agility...

LaVerne Council, Assistant Secretary for IT & CIO, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs